TrendSeamTrendSeam convert e-commerce sales data into important business metrics.


Cut Through Heavy Data

Discover hard to see product, order and customer trends; hot products, brand popularity and seasonal quirks.

Identify Customer Groups

Send over raw sales data, then let TrendSeam to distil it into useful, targetable customer groups.

Your Results To Go

Download Excel or CSV files, print postage labels, or send emails and SMS to the customers you identify.

Customer Habits Visualised

Take a birds eye view of how often customers spend, where they are, how much they spend and what they buy.

Evaluate Your Marketing

Tell how effective any marketing campaign is immediately with at-a-glance daily performance charts.

Forecast Customer Behaviour

See exactly when customers have reacted in the past and use that to guide your actions in the future.

Multiple Sales Channels

Explore sales channel individually, understand how it is performing and plan more informed strategies.

Sales System Integration

TrendSeam plugs into to a host of well-known EPOS and e-commerce systems for instant, simple setup with no fuss.

Anywhere, Anytime

Get your daily business performance update with our 24 hour easy-to-use online dashboard.

Try TrendSeam for your Business

Preview your own, real sales data in our dashboard. Request a demo.